About Blaine Anthony

About the Bear Whisperer

The Bear Whisperer was an idea that came from Blaine Anthony and Jason Lamoreau came up with way back in 2007 while on a trip to the Midwest to film for a show called North American Safari.  Blaine had always had a love for bears and the conservation behind them, so the new show was born.

The Bear Whisperer show started and still has one big thing different than other bear shows you see on TV, the focus is everything bear except hunting bear over bait.  There is obviously an episode or two for educational purposes, but the main focus is conservation of the black bear.   Even today Blaine Anthony surrounds himself with the most educated and experienced bear experts from around the world.

Now, when you watch the Bear Whisperer TV series, you will see many different types of wild animals and a show that focuses on “real” outdoor adventures, which Blaine has gotten known for.   He is quoted “Keeping it real seems to be a lost art now, with to many TV personalities trying to show what great hunters they are in unrealistic situations.  My show, shows the real world of hunting and everything it has to offer”.

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